Thursday, June 20, 2013

Frenzy Over New Self Tanner --"Stores Struggle to Keep This Amazing New Self Tanner In Stock."

Hello all, my name is Donna.  I’m a mother of three from New York and a self confessed sun worshipper for most of my life.  I love looking tan and I spent years damaging my skin, wasting time, and possibly jeopardizing my health to get that gorgeous glow.

But all that has changed since I found a way to get a gorgeous, natural looking tan without the sun or danger of tanning beds. 

I LOVE The Look Of A Tan

Donna loves her tan
"A Beautiful & Natural Tan That
Must Be Seen To Be Believed"

Like most women, I have always loved the look of a tan.  Not only does my tan skin give me a huge confidence boost, I also love how a tan makes me look thinner, hides my spider veins and wrinkles, and even seems to make my cellulite disappear.

A tan always makes me look 10 pounds thinner and have a glow that seems to make me look 10 years younger.

But now I am starting to see the affects of those years in the sun.  Wrinkles around my eyes and forehead, and sun damage on my, chest, face, and hands.  Many of my friends have had cancerous moles removed and that really starts to hit home for me.

So, about a year ago I swore off sun tanning and went on a search for a way to get that beautiful “tan” without doing any more damage to my skin. I came to realize that Sunless Tanning was my only option.

I Wanted To Be TAN, Not Orange

I tried more sunless tanning products out there than you can possibly imagine, and I almost always ended up orange, streaky, disappointed and embarrassed.

I heard that spray tan booths were a better option, but they left me with an uneven orange look (it also really dried out my skin and made me sick from the gross spray smell that I was afraid to inhale!). 

I tried self-tanning lotions, gels, towels, pads, mousses and sprays. You name it, I tried it and spent a lot of time and money in the process and never got the gorgeous results I was searching for.

I knew celebrities were using sunless tanning lotions as a substitute for the sun.  A celebrity would never risk premature aging or cancer.  They looked great without tanning in the sun and I set out to find out how they were doing it.

My Journey to Find The Perfect Tan

I set out on a journey to find a sunless tanner that seemed to be working for the celebrities, but not me.  I spoke with my dermatologist, tanning companies, my local spray tan business, friends, family, my doctor.  I asked anyone and everyone for their advice on tanning. 

Just before I was about to give up, I spoke with my friend Sarah the owner of a high-end salon in the city.  She said, “Donna, it’s all about the ingredients and the blending”.  She explained that no department store tanner or so-called “high end” tanner could provide the results of a perfectly blended (celebrity quality) tanner.

Sarah passed me a beautiful black bottle of a product named Tan Physics True Color. She told me that Tan Physics True Color was a sunless tanner/skin care system that combines the highest quality tanning ingredients and the most exclusive skin care ingredients that are perfectly formulated to give you a gorgeous, natural looking, streak-free tan while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Well, I was excited and really hoped that what she was telling me was true, but I wasn’t holding my breath as  I’d been disappointed many times before.

A Tan That’s BETTER Than The Sun Itself!

To my absolute amazement, Sarah really hit the nail on the head!  My gosh, the results were astonishing.

Right when applying Tan Physics I got a little color. I loved the color guide that helped me see where I had rubbed it in and where I hadn’t.

After my second application the next day, I had a gorgeous and realistic looking tan with no streaks, smell or orange.  I applied once a day and with each application I got darker and darker.

I was in complete control and took my tan from a light glow on the first application (like after a good night sleep) to a tropically dark tan.  Not only was my tan even and realistic, but also my skin was softer and my hydrated and just plain gorgeous! It was truly the miracle I had been searching for.

Unlike other products, Tan Physics is formulated to be used on both your body and face.  It is incredibly gentle and amazingly effective.  It goes on easily, dries quickly and makes me look like I have been sitting on the beach for a week. 

My skin is not only perfectly tan, but it looks better than ever.  My friends keep asking me if I have been away on vacation because I am so tan.  When I tell them my tan is from Tan Physics, they can’t believe my tan came from a bottle, and to be honest, neither can I. 

I can truly say that I will NEVER worship the sun again.  There IS a sunless tanner out there that that delivers not only great Tan results but anti-aging results as well - it doesn’t get any better than that.

How I Use Tan Physics.

For me, there is nothing like taking the time to indulge in putting on my Tan Physics lotion.  I love knowing that I am doing something GREAT for my skin and getting a gorgeous tan without the sun. 

Typically, I take a shower at night and exfoliate myself completely.  This is good to do twice a week whether or not you tan anyway.  I dry off completely and apply a little bit of the lotion at a time starting at my legs and working up.

Tan Physics absorbs fast and dries quickly.  When I’m done, I go to bed and when I awake, I have a tan.  I won’t exfoliate again for a few days but If I want a darker results I will apply Tan Physics again before bed the next night.  To start, I think I applied 3 days in a row to get a very dark result.  My skin feels great and the tan lasts between 4-7 days depending upon how much I swim.

You Can’t Buy Tan Physics In Stores

Tan Physics isn’t available in department stores.  You can sometimes find it in very expensive salons.  But to maintain the purity and quality of the tanner, Tan Physics only formulates and blends small batches so ingredients are fresh and pure and offer the best results.  So, of course, they are almost always sold out. 

I found this link that you can try and it comes with a discount.  I hope it works for you. 

Well, I hope you give Tan Physics a try.  I think every woman deserves to experience a youthful glow and unbelievable skin care in one amazing formula.  If you have been searching for a perfect tan without the sun you can’t afford not to try Tan Physics.

This product is the best of the best and we women deserve the BEST!

The Way I See It - You Have 3 Choices

You can continue the endless search for other tanning products that over promise and under deliver with their inferior formula and ingredients.

You can leave this page and forget about tanning altogether and continue to do irreversible damage to your skin by tanning in the sun


You can jump start a gorgeous new look for yourself while doing something great for your skin.  BTW- Tan Physics is guaranteed to give you unbelievable results or you get every penny returned - every penny.

You have nothing to lose except your pasty white skin, skin imperfections, and wrinkles.  You deserve to look and feel great and Tan Physics is there to help you do that.

Bring on the endless summer!